downtown fullerton art walk — no.27

May’s Art Walk brought reflection upon PÄS patrons. Jon St. Amant and Evan Everest displayed “Artifacts and Rituals,” a group sculpture show that goes far beyond eye candy… St. Amant continued the script of Nowhereland, where ninjas represent the truth-seeking human race, while Everest introduced us to his works examining rituals he has discovered… Together, Artifacts and Rituals gets you thinking through the way you go about life… please read their statements, then go on to see what a great opening reception we had:

and in other areas of the Magoski Arts Colony, you found Hibbleton’s 300 group show curated by Mimi Yoon, Elizabeth Nunez in the L-Space, Find Art live art truck parked out front, Lisa Vaughn in Steffi’s space, Vince Morgan’s “the Strange” playing at Bookmachine as well as Tees for Degrees, Kelly Moscoso at Coco, Janice Monaco, Shannon Leclair, Michael Ebert, and Violethour featuring Michael and Candace Magoski’s Viaje a Espana.

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