Yohannes “Johnny” Renggli!


PÄS Gallery presents

Fusion Art Works

Yohannes “Johnny” Renggli

Johnny Renggli mixes art forms, mediums and functions which allow him to describe and demonstrate a simple idea that grows and evolves into a wonderful work of expressive art. His collaborative process fuses painting, collage, crafts and more to achieve the realisation of each piece’s original vision.

Johnny comes from a creative background as an entrepreneur who has designed and restored many projects including a little cafe, a cozy world renowned Mask Bar, and a traditional Ethiopian restaurant with an underground bar. He is a father, husband, teacher and an astronomy enthusiast. Today, he takes time to play and express life through his fusion art works.

Join us on Friday, January 2, 2015 from 6-10pm for the opening reception. We will also host an Artist Talk in mid-late January (TBD). Works will be on display through February 6, 2015. All ages. Always free.

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Ken Ruzic!

Sympathies & Antipathies Ken Ruzic!

We are so fortunate, honored, and downright lucky to have Ken Ruzic exhibit his “Monumental Work and Stuff” for November in a show titled, “Sympathies & Antipathies.” The detail in his works are both endearing and disturbing as you’re drawn in by his friendly aesthetic only to get deeper where you are stating acronyms such as WTF and OMG and maybe a little LOL when you reach a point of focus in between the lines. Ken Ruzic is prolific to say the least. And we are excited to share two galleries of the Magoski Arts Colony walls filled with his mind-bending work…

Come out Friday, November 7 from 6-10 when we’ll have Ken’s work stretched from the front of PÄS to the end of the Egan. See you there.

As always, it’s free.



Brief Identity Crisis


it's a beautiful day in the __________ #sans #MrRogers

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In January 2014 we experimented with “experience”. let me say that one more time, just so it sinks in.

We experimented
with “experience”

It was the longest running show at PÄS thus far. the experience was loaded with lessons. lessons about art, about life, about community. We killed PÄS, took a sabbatical, and returned as Neighborhood. We were focused on thinking about our neighborhood—the one we are so engrained. The name and concept of Think Neighborhood had our complete attention. “Let’s add walls, a window, and change the whole name of our space! why not act on our thoughts?…”

Well, we figured if we never act on any our our thoughts, we will never learn or grow into anything new. (And we would have never started PÄS as we know it today if we had never acted on wild ideas…) So, here we are 9 months after the death of PÄS, the birth of Neighborhood, and now the resurrection of PÄS.

This time we aren’t eliminating Neighborhood because it’s actually been there the entire time.

Our tag line from the inception of PÄS has been ‘Do Art. View Art. Love People.’ which, to us, ultimately means ‘Think Neighborhood.’


During our 9-month hiatus from PÄS, we didn’t really change anything. and so the brief identity crisis was necessary for us to realize who we really are. aaand, good news! we are the same olé project art school that we were back in 2009. Certainly we’ve grown, matured, and taken chances along the way, but we continue to take it day by day. We’re relaxing in who we are. The chances that we take only nourish our souls. It’s like a spiritual pay day. The venues of the downtown fullerton art walk and the colonists in the Magoski Arts Colony, two things in which we are founding members, bring us closer to who we are today. Tomorrow will take care of tomorrow… Welcome (back) to PÄS.

PÄS Gallery + Studio
Think Neighborhood.

yeah, that sounds good.