Art with an Agenda – An exhibit inspired by Kelly Thomas

this july it will be one year since the murder of Kelly Thomas and we are mourning his death, celebrating his life, expressing emotions, surfacing justice through awareness, and collectively healing in an art show curated by Stephan Baxter and John M. Sollom titled, “Art with an Agenda.” on Friday, July 6th 2012, local artists and art enthusiasts who support the Justice 4 Kelly Thomas movement are holding a charity art exhibit at PÄS Gallery in Downtown Fullerton. The exhibit will feature the original work of over 30 local artists, all of which have created and donated art work inspired by the life and circumstances surrounding the death of Kelly Thomas. The money raised from this show will go directly to the Orange County homeless through founded in 2011 by Ron Thomas, The Kelly Thomas Memorial Fund is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to assisting the homeless men, women and children of Orange County. By collaborating with other charities and agencies, KTMF seeks to educate communities on the issues and needs surrounding the growing homelessness in our communities while providing direct relief to those in need, through the collection and distribution of donations, clothing and food.

This Exhibit is timed to coincide with July’s Fullerton Art Walk, and the Kelly Thomas Memorial Concert, which is being held the following day at the Fullerton Market Plaza. The participants of this exhibit have an agenda, but we do not have any official affiliation to other organizations or political parties. We are brought together by our love of art, our love for Fullerton, and our desire for justice.

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downtown fullerton art walk — no.27

May’s Art Walk brought reflection upon PÄS patrons. Jon St. Amant and Evan Everest displayed “Artifacts and Rituals,” a group sculpture show that goes far beyond eye candy… St. Amant continued the script of Nowhereland, where ninjas represent the truth-seeking human race, while Everest introduced us to his works examining rituals he has discovered… Together, Artifacts and Rituals gets you thinking through the way you go about life… please read their statements, then go on to see what a great opening reception we had:

and in other areas of the Magoski Arts Colony, you found Hibbleton’s 300 group show curated by Mimi Yoon, Elizabeth Nunez in the L-Space, Find Art live art truck parked out front, Lisa Vaughn in Steffi’s space, Vince Morgan’s “the Strange” playing at Bookmachine as well as Tees for Degrees, Kelly Moscoso at Coco, Janice Monaco, Shannon Leclair, Michael Ebert, and Violethour featuring Michael and Candace Magoski’s Viaje a Espana.

Artifacts and Rituals – sculpture show

this friday is going to be a sight for open eyes… come down to the magoski arts colony if you want your senses tickled…
Hibbleton features an all-star line-up in 300, the group show, curated by Mimi Yoon
the L space features Elizabeth Muñoz Nuñez
PÄS will feature a sculpture show, Artifacts and Rituals, from Jon St. Amant and Evan Everest

PÄS Gallery presents Artifacts and Rituals, a two-person sculpture show featuring the work of Jon St. Amant and Evan Everest.

St. Amant’s work reveals the two major religious factions in his allegorical cartoon ninja series, “Nowhereland”. Identical in philosophy, but differing in aesthetics, the two faiths-Green Mountianity and Red Treeism- clash in a satirical propaganda war.

Everest’s work references disparate concepts, philosophies, and spiritual systems to create pseudo ritualistic drawings, paintings, and sculptures, that are reminiscent of a past or future civilization whose rights of passage, rituals and customs are at once vaguely familiar and impenetrable.

The opening will take place during the Downtown Fullerton Art Walk on Friday, May 4th, and will run until May 26, 2012.

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Hagop Najarian + John M. Sollom = August at PÄS

PÄS Gallery presents the recent work of Hagop Najarian and John M. Sollom in “Nhoj and Najar’s Serenade” opening on Friday, August 5, 2011 during the Downtown Fullerton Art Walk from 6-10pm.

Come witness the work of these prolific painters who will one day be studied in art history books, and what i call, “The New Masters.” Fatefully, these artists grew up together and went to the same school simultaneously from first grade through graduation at Cal State Long Beach with art degrees. This August, they will show together, side by side, their most recent works. In addition to the opening, there will be an intimate closing for the artists on Saturday, August 27, 2011 from 6-10pm.

Hagop Najarian is a working artist and college professor living in La Mirada, California. Since 1999, he has been teaching drawing and painting at Cerritos College and is currently the Art and Design Department Chair. In 1993, he attended Tyler School of Art at Temple University to begin his graduate study through their prestigious study abroad program in Rome, Italy. It was the Italian Fresco painting masters like Duccio, Masaccio and Giotto that brought clarity to his work. Through the influence of these Italian masters, concepts of humanity, domestic grounding and the joy of life became constant subjects for his work. In addition to exhibiting all over southern California, he has lectured about his paintings at seminars, panel discussions and colleges in the Los Angeles area. His recent series of paintings symbolically use human figures, animals and nature to create a dialogue that reminds us of how we coexist and maintain our identity in this world. Sensations of sight and sound ebb and flow as the images are fractured in and out of recognizable forms, creating a playful dialogue between humans and nature.

John M. Sollom, also a resident of La Mirada, California, captures Today like no other. As a full time artist, his resume of gallery shows in southern California is very extensive, as is the momentum of his collectors. His influences consists of Elmer Bischoff, David Park, Hans Hoffman, Frank Auerbach, Larry Rivers, Rembrant, Mark Rothco, John Singer Sergeant, Manet, Rauschenberg, Van Gogh, Vuillard, Bonnard, Lucien Freud, Ed Hopper, and living artists Hagop Najarian, William Zdan, Neil Blender, Tony Bach, and Theresa Pfarr to name a few. His most recent body of work displays everyday items—spontaneous pop-culture paintings that have taken an hour or less to complete… just like in his friend Professor Najarian’s drawing class. In the Serenade show, he also shares intimate family moments. John’s signature thick, loose brush stroke carries extreme likeness of his subjects. In his assemblage with found objects of daily life and relics of the past, he includes his own oil paintings making him the well-rounded Americana artist of today.

The Prince Family by John M. Sollom, 2011.

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downtown fullerton art walk — no.12

February’s First Friday Fullerton Art Walk was so Fresh. we had a chance to walk around a bit and really enjoyed some of the other venues. Meanwhile the Violethour/Hibbleton/PÄS district was slammed with people and a great time. there are a lot of photos, so i’ll keep the text short. here’s what happened on february 4th, 2011:

thanks to all who came out and enjoyed Downtown Fullerton!

in the photos above, you saw:

Transitions by John M. Sollom @ PÄS
Love Show : Show Love by Joel Maus @ Studio EMP
You Are Doing A Great Job by Jesse La Tour @ Café West
Originals by Virginia Valdez @ Foyer Gallery of Fullerton Museum
Redditors @ Weavver
The OC Food Truck
Mandie Bee @ Violethour Studio
I Left My Heart in Detroit, a grouup show @ Hibbleton
Women HH by Stephanie Moellers @ DittoSnaps Hackerspace