School is back in session…

Hibbleton and PÄS Galleries of the Magoski Arts Colony are proud to partner with one of the top educational programs in Fullerton, All the Arts for All the Kids, for a special exhibit entitled All the Artists for all the Kids! The opening reception is Friday, September 6th 2013 from 6-10pm during the Downtown Fullerton Art Walk. This event is FREE and open to the public.

The All the Arts for All the Kids Foundation is an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to developing, sustaining, and supporting the arts as an intrinsic part of every child’s education.

This exhibit, curated by teacher Lauren Moses Oldfield and All the Arts instructor/artist Arias Collins, gives the artists from All the Arts a chance to show their personal work.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the foundation, as well as 100% of the merchandise sold at the event such as kids’ art notecards, heart notecards, kid created mugs and tiles.

We are also very excited that Bella Donna’s Sweets will be in attendance donating cookies for the event, and Kaitlyn Orr will be at the event offering a hands on “art” experience for the evening.

Artists featured include: Terry Orr, Anna Hansen, Christine Angeli, Katherine England, and Marsha Judd.

We hope to see you there!


Hibbleton Gallery + PÄS Gallery
All the Arts for All the Kids Foundation

Ezra Prince interviews Landon Lewis

Ezra Prince, co-owner of PÄS Gallery, interviews Landon Lewis. Landon was born in a barn in Kansas and now runs the business side of Hibbleton, a gallery near the train tracks in an industrial area of downtown Fullerton, California.

Shot in May 2012 during the 300 group show at Hibbleton Gallery, 223 W. Santa Fe Ave. Fullerton, CA 92832.

downtown fullerton art walk — no.27

May’s Art Walk brought reflection upon PÄS patrons. Jon St. Amant and Evan Everest displayed “Artifacts and Rituals,” a group sculpture show that goes far beyond eye candy… St. Amant continued the script of Nowhereland, where ninjas represent the truth-seeking human race, while Everest introduced us to his works examining rituals he has discovered… Together, Artifacts and Rituals gets you thinking through the way you go about life… please read their statements, then go on to see what a great opening reception we had:

and in other areas of the Magoski Arts Colony, you found Hibbleton’s 300 group show curated by Mimi Yoon, Elizabeth Nunez in the L-Space, Find Art live art truck parked out front, Lisa Vaughn in Steffi’s space, Vince Morgan’s “the Strange” playing at Bookmachine as well as Tees for Degrees, Kelly Moscoso at Coco, Janice Monaco, Shannon Leclair, Michael Ebert, and Violethour featuring Michael and Candace Magoski’s Viaje a Espana.

downtown fullerton art walk — no.26

although i came late, i managed to get a few pics from our April opening, FORMS DRAWING GESTURES, the art work of René Cardona… in addition to some photos from the opening night, there are some from the pre-exhibit champagne hanging party on april fool’s day… good times with the La Mirada Four…

and the mimosa-filled hanging party…

Raymond Family Art Night – 2012

it’s hard to believe that we’ve been doing the Raymond Family Art Night for three years now! and it’s still super fun. it’s all about the kids, and encouraging them to use their imagination… we are so grateful for all the volunteers who came out to create at each station and to the Raymond PTA for letting us get messy in the space. have a look at some shots from the night (3rd Annual Raymond Family Art Night, Thursday, January 26, 2012):

2012 creation stations:
Landon Lewis
Chuck Oldfield

Spin Art
John Keller
Tom Luna

Brian Prince

Character Drawing
Jonathan St Amant

Jesse La Tour
Jesse Gaona

DiY Valentines
Kristy Prince
Ali Killian

Journal Collage
Katherine England
Jackie Wayman

Portrait Collage
Caitlin Orr
Lauren Moses

have a look into the previous years: 2010 and 2011.