downtown fullerton art walk — no.19

we experienced a little art from the street this month in PÄS Gallery. although this was not a survey of graffiti and street art, it certainly was a playground for local artists Juan Cuevas (18), José M. Solis (18) and Sean Hanohano (17) as they spent the days up to the artwalk markering up canvases and spray painting the PÄS walls… each of the artists expressed their love for graffiti art and the adrenaline rush it gives them. “it’s a way for me to express myself currently while exposing some of my roots.” says jose while juan adds, “you have to worry about the cops on one end and tokers town on the other.” in the battle of constant fear and pure love, these guys know art. that’s why we have them in our gallery.

in addition to the graf artists, we displayed select works from Ricardo Gonsalves, old skool activist and conceptual artist, as well as some limited edition signed prints from Emigdio Vasquez straight out of the Fred Ortiz Collection. both come from the birth of Chicano art which originated here in southern California…

even grandma sally loves graffiti art!


thank you for supporting PÄS Gallery and Fullerton art.

BOMBERS from failedathlete on Vimeo.

WISK, SER, CHUBBS, and PRIME from start to finish, set to Beethoven. Film by Greg Roman.

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