The Lyrical Muse – Art by Melinda Hagman

As Neighborhood takes shape, we invite Melinda Hagman to share her explorations through music. Each painting on the walls this Friday will have a set of headphones accompanying it which contains the song that inspired the painting…

come listen/look . . . Friday, February 7, 2014 from 6-10pm.

"Accidents of Gesture" Rome  by Melinda Hagman
“Accidents of Gesture”
by Melinda Hagman

other titles include:
“He Wants You”
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

“Wish Fulfillment”
Sonic Youth

“The Carnival is Over”
Dead Can Dance

p l u s

6 pieces from her 2011 52-week Flower Project.

and, as usual, the Magoski Art Colony has enough art to satisfy your monthly desires. Including the new Foyer which is the former PÄS entrance, featuring the oil paintings of Cesar Duran!

Magokis Arts Colony, February 2014
poster by Magoski.