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an exhibit of Fullerton moms who share a passion for creative freedom! come see their works tonight.

Sharon Kennedy
Kennedy has shown in private, university, gallery, and museum exhibits around the world over the past forty years. After raising her children, she returned to her hometown to take over the helm of the Fullerton Observer newspaper after her father’s death in 1998. She continues to divide her time between editing the paper and painting.

I paint by instinct. I often begin painting with just a feeling and go from there. All my paintings start out abstract. Some remain abstract and others begin to tighten and become figurative. If I have a technique – it is just “getting out of the way” of whatever is coming through. It is a practice in being non-judgmental in the beginning. Acrylics are an ideal medium for me because there are no rules, the fumes can’t overwhelm you, and changes can continue to be made endlessly and quickly. Many of my canvases have 5 or 6 completed paintings beneath the final one. Each new painting carries on something of the ones that have gone before. Completed paintings in my studio are in constant danger of becoming underpaintings to a new inspiration if I don’t have a new canvas ready.

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Sarah Carter
At the heart of it, I am a maker. As a little girl I spent most of my days utterly captivated by the world around me – often barefoot, sun-kissed, and free. And miraculously, not much has changed since those early days. My husband is my absolute, makes my heart skip-a-beat, best friend. Together we are raising our toddler son and adopting a child internationally. We live in sunny California, where we enjoy many glorious barefoot sun-kissed days.

I have the wonderful opportunity to teach creativity workshops locally in Southern California, as well as particpate in gallery shows. I have select prints available for sale and also love to create one of a kind commissioned paintings.

A few years ago I asked the question, “Have we lost our ability to imagine?”
In response, what I began to see is that the collective creative human spirit is still alive and well, although quite buried in the business of making a living.

In an effort to reclaim pieces of my imagination that I’ve lost, I’ve returned to my canvas.
Here I’ve entered quietly and listened to my own soul . . .
Slowly, very slowly, tiny bubbles of dreams and inspiration revealed themselves through my paintbrush.

My prayer is that by being brave and embracing our own imaginations, our own creativity, we can set ourselves and one another free. We can move from making a living to making a life worth living.

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Jeni Maus
With the creation of found, owner Jeni, is changing the way people think about vintage items.

Her passion for all things vintage has fueled her one-of-a-kind collection of furniture and accessories. For years her family and friends have awed at her truly unique design style and now she is sharing it with the rest of us! With the encouragement from a respected event planner and designer she officially launched found in the beginning of 2010. Geared toward those looking to add a cool, vintage look and feel to their wedding and events, the possibilities are endless!

Sharing a studio with husband and photographer, Joel, Studio EMP and found have become a source of inspiration for brides, coordinators and the community. Together with their children Bailey, Caysen and Lucy (golden retriever) they live in a vintage ’20s home just a mile from Downtown Fullerton.

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Christy Funk
Christy Funky founded Belly Sprout Eco-Boutique in Fullerton.

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Renee Browne
Renee Browne, the owner and artist behind Sprouts Photography began her career as a digital artist, web designer and graphic designer in the late 90’s. Renee has designed for the Los Angeles Times, Volvo, Burger King and the Queen Mary to name a few. In 2003 Renee began her photography career. When her shift in life turned to family and parenting, turning her focus to children and babies seemed natural. Renee studied at the Academy of Art in San Francisco with an emphasis in Fine Art Photography. She is a proud member of the PPA (Professional Photographers of America), member of NAPCP (National Associate of Professional Child Photographers) and is a chamber member in the city of Fullerton. She also does charity work and provides artistic portraits to neglected and abused children that could not otherwise afford photography services.

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Kristy Prince
Kristy Prince believes in teaching by example, not just words. Her creative endeavors have gently encouraged and embraced her family — her two boys, Noah and Ezra, in particular. As a teacher, she teaches through the arts and creative expression; as a parent, she challenges everyday thinking with personalized questions, exemplifying the uniqueness of her own kids and husband as they seek their true selves. Kristy is a believer in the individual, and strives to dig deep in life, pursuing her passions like no other. She is co-owner of PÄS Gallery in Downtown Fullerton.

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