PÄS is now Neighborhood Studio

PÄS is now Neighborhood Studio! this blog will remain as an archive, so make your way over to the Neighborhood site for all the fresh new happenings in the studio. ThinkNeighborhood.com

We are in the exact same location in the Magoski Arts Colony, basically doing all the same great things (Do Art. View Art. Love People.), we’ve just changed the name.

Neighborhood Studio is formerly PÄS Gallery (project art school) which celebrated art through studio space, hosting art exhibits, and bringing community together. Basically the only thing that has changed is the name, and by that very nature, we will expand our philosophies beyond the gallery walls and into the neighborhood. We opened PÄS in 2009 with big dreams, and within 5 years, our dreams were realized. This led the transition into Neighborhood. Welcome.

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