downtown fullerton art walk — no.21

november’s art walk bloomed a nice surprise. despite the cold. the rainy weather. the forecast… people came out for Chantal de Felice’s Remembrance is the Perfume of the Soul solo exhibit. including an awesome accordion performance from Hagop Najarian! Chantal is known for her neighborhoodscapes on wood and sweet jewelry, but she showed a new side to her art in this opening last friday at PÄS Gallery. Chantal illustrated her past—her past beyond what she has physically experienced by drawing her relatives from generations back. on both, her mother and father’s side. in addition to her skillful wrist talent, she displayed some photography (her first ever in a gallery) that is perfectly captured to poke a new mood on an emotion unidentified… that was a very descriptive sentence. basically, in three simple words: Chantal’s A Keeper!

here are some snapshots from the opening:

it was a great night. thanks to all who came. thanks to chantal. this is a beautiful thing…

stay tuned to PÄS twitter and Facebook for a closing reception!

to learn more about Chantal deFelice, visit her web site:

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