Ken Ruzic!

Sympathies & Antipathies Ken Ruzic!

We are so fortunate, honored, and downright lucky to have Ken Ruzic exhibit his “Monumental Work and Stuff” for November in a show titled, “Sympathies & Antipathies.” The detail in his works are both endearing and disturbing as you’re drawn in by his friendly aesthetic only to get deeper where you are stating acronyms such as WTF and OMG and maybe a little LOL when you reach a point of focus in between the lines. Ken Ruzic is prolific to say the least. And we are excited to share two galleries of the Magoski Arts Colony walls filled with his mind-bending work…

Come out Friday, November 7 from 6-10 when we’ll have Ken’s work stretched from the front of PÄS to the end of the Egan. See you there.

As always, it’s free.

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