downtown fullerton art walk – no.7

this month we got to be spectators in the Downtown Fullerton First Fridays Art Walk. it was pretty neat to actually have time to venture out and see some of the other venues. we started at the Fullerton Museum around 7 to celebrate the All the Hearts project. it was really packed in there which got us really excited. then we set off to see the public heArt projects around town. it starting getting dark so i couldn’t capture very many pictures. there are 19 total. we stopped at Weavver, Max Blooms, Cafe West, Out of Vogue and Otto. we also stopped at a few others but the art was inaccessible so we moved on… here are a few pics documenting the evening.

above is the work of Valerie Lewis at Weavver.

above is the work of Rose Thomas at Otto.

above: big eye art prints at Out of Vogue.

above: Lennon sightings all over. i’m in the midst of creating some art for The GRAMMY Museum’s next big exhibit on John Lennon. maybe that’s why my lennon-radar was on. He would be 70 years old this year.

overall, the art walk night was cool. we counted at least 6 other venues in addition to PÄS that were closed for the evening and we still didn’t get to the remaining participating venues. that’s not a bad thing though. i don’t like to rush things if i don’t have to. and i actually really enjoyed talking with 2 artists that night that are seriously awesome, Valerie Lewis and Rose Thomas. that’s what the art walk is all about.

be sure to stay in touch for october 1st art walk. PÄS Gallery will celebrate 1 year! and we’re moving the gallery to a new space … 223 W. Santa Fe Ave. next door to Violethour Studio. hope to see you then.