PÄS workshop with Alex Jackson

the saga continues… Alex Jackson’s letterpress classes happen every month if you’re interested in checking one out. for August, it was more of a printmaking class—kinda, as both students used photo polymer plates so they could use their own design on their calling cards as opposed to the old school type-setting. it was a fun saturday adult webcams afternoon getting our hands dirty with ink…

after mixing red and blue, they got this rich brown which looks really nice on the Crane Lettra paper.

i also used my little L-press to do some deep relief debossing on the side:

photo credits: if it is a nice photo, it was taken by Maria. otherwise it was shot from my cellphone.
you can also follow her new blog: http://mariareneedesign.wordpress.com/

Diana also took the class: http://dianawlee.com/

if you’re interested in taking Alex Jackson’s next Letterpress class, you can register ://here.