Bits, Please continues through September

Calling All Art Collectors!

The current compilation of artists exhibiting at PÄS is astronomical.

We have bay area collage artist Justin Angelos—Today’s king of detail-exploding, multi-media, multi-faceted, high-gloss, high-style collage intricacies! Santa Ana’s Michael Ziobrowski—Cut/paste-creator, image-enhancer, mood-setting, pastel-lover, shape-composer, graphic-innovator! World-renown Ken Ruzic—Tiki-madman, devil-in-the-details, art-historian, art-futurian, prolific-storyteller! Fullerton’s own Candace Magoski—Queen of costume, objet d’art-rarity, wing-journaling, bone-collector! City of Orange’s Leanne Sargeant—Cotton-cloud, paper-clipper, paint-dipper, emotive-intensifier, royalty-of-collage! Strong Beach’s Cody Lusby—movement-capturer, time-traveller, figurative-crafter, stencil-skillset, emotion-provoker! Straight from a/the parallel universe René Cardona—Poetic-prophet, alliteration-emiter, mural-maker, abstract-assembler, trancendent-being, painter-of-fluidity! Assemblage master John M. Sollom—thick-stroke-impressionist, craftsman, tinker, fun-loving, ace-of-the-strange! Alluring Emily Heller—Wandering-soul, free-spirit, patience-producer, artistic-experiencer! and reigning from San Clemente, the—Micro-scopic, molecular-atomic, sweet-heart, art-trenpenuer, Chantal deFelice!

and there you have it, the reason why i curated this exhibit. Hope to see everyone on Friday, September 4th from 6-10 pm. This reception is the closing and encourages all art collectors to explore the works averaging a mere $250-$350… Thank you for your support.

Here is some love from beyond:
OC Register: “Artists combine works for modern collage”
Kolaj Magazine: Issue #13




Bits, Please: a modern collage artist compilation


PÄS Gallery presents
“Bits, Please” a modern collage artist compilation
curated by Brian Prince, featuring the works of
Justin Angelos, Ken Ruzic, Michael Ziobrowski, Leanne Sargeant, Candace Magoski, Johnny Renggli, René Cardona, Cody Lusby, John M. Sollom, Emily Heller, and Chantal deFelice.

The craft. Fragmented folklore. Cutting. Pasting. Embellish. Defacing. Bits and pieces. Creating something completely new from something else by adding elements into a personally curated composition — that is the art of collage and assemblage. For those who say that collage is merely a hobby and not an effective and legitimate medium for expressing yourself, i say, “bits, please.”

Please join us for two opening receptions,
Friday, August 7, 2015 and Friday, September 4, 2015
from 6-10p. Refreshments will be served.

OC Register:
Kolaj Magazine:

John M. Sollom + Cody Lusby


Think fast.

PÄS Gallery invites you to cast an eye ball on our latest exhibit. Drive your muscle car down after the ball game and quick bite chased by apple pie on Friday, June 5th from 6 to 10 in the evening. Two of our favorite Americana artists will cover the walls with some of the purest ingredients to American culture. Their work will meld our fickle American culture, our history, dark and scary, our zest for boom boom, funky pop graphics, guns, guns, and more guns, Dick Cheney, some scary terrorists paintings and some sexy ladies, and a couple of guys. Excepted or not, we cannot escape the truth.

Join us as we embrace Sex, Violence and The American Way: recent works of John M. Sollom and Cody Lusby.

See you during the Downtown Fullerton Art Walk.
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Kristy Prince!


Ephphatha [BE OPENED]
Recent Works of Kristy Prince

“Being opened and allowing the creative spirit to have it’s way with me has left me in a continuous flow of creativity and courage I have never known before.”

“I am truly excited by life and thrive on the creative process—from my backyard art studio, to my garden, all the way to the hills of Nipton. I wake up each day like a child wondering what could be next—where will my ‘YES’ path take me today?”

—Kristy Prince

Opening Reception during the Downtown Fullerton Art Walk: Friday, May 1, 2015, 6-10pm
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with Live Music by the Guaqeros!

Downtown Fullerton Art Walk Turns 5

The Downtown Fullerton Art Walk will commemorate its landmark 5th Anniversary with a monumental art event at the Fullerton Museum Plaza in Fullerton, California on Friday, March 6, 2015 6-10pm. It’s all ages, free to the public and attracts over 2,000 art enthusiasts to the city for the celebration.

PÄS will have a booth along with all our art friends throughout fullerton. there will be a ton of street trucks, live music, beer garden, and plenty of art. see you soon…


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Fullerton Art Walk Five Year Anniversary! from Jesse La Tour on Vimeo.