Dan Joyce in Microstars!

There is no question, Dan Joyce paints and writes with a passion. His ability to quickly portray the likeness of someone is remarkable while his prolific writings hit you in the heart as if your creator was plucking the strings of your wildest reality.

PÄS Gallery invites you to explore “Microstars,” a term coined by Dan Joyce, and the title of our next exhibition in April.

A Microstar, as opposed to a Superstar, is someone that is not famous, but has a significant following, usually bringing a steady income. A good example of a Microstar in the exhibit is Rikk Agnew of the punk rock bank, the Adolescents. Rikk was a teen sensation. He now has a successful music business built on his name. Microstars also include artists, models, athletes and anyone individual enough to build his/her name.

Opening Recpetion: Friday, April 5th from 6-10pm during the Downtown Fullerton Art Walk.

Come get a glimpse, take home a Microstar and have a chance to meet Dan Joyce who is a Microstar himself!

Also, during the opening, Dan will be painting portraits live with 100% of the proceeds going towards PÄS Gallery’s own Microstar Kristy Prince, who has a very expensive surgery scheduled in June.

Thanks for supporting the arts in Fullerton!

The Birth of the Microstar painting, by Dan Joyce:
A couple of years ago, I did a portrait of a musician friend in NY. Her friends were so impressed that they, punk rockers as well, commissioned portraits themselves. Beginning to focus on a series of Punk Rock Portraits, I soon noticed something fantastic. Many of them were successful, middle-class musicians with their own houses, reputations and income all based on their garage band backgrounds. Some where quite known in parts of the country and sometimes, Europe. I coined the term Microstar.

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