Neil Blender at PÄS Gallery… until July 31st.

“Legendary skateboarder and artist Neil Blender doing what he does best. If you know who Neil Blender is and haven’t seen this video yet, this will make your day.” –

^half pipe paintings…

“Walt!” featuring the works of Neil Blender is named after his cat. and his work in the show differs in medium but maintains his crude approach to the things he sees.

Before showing at PÄS, Neil had a show in Laguna Beach at Vans Thalia Surf Shop where the bio below was displayed. it just so happens that 2 of his contemporary influences are coming to PÄS in August: Hagop Najarian and John Sollom!

to see more of Blender’s work currently on display at PÄS, click here:


more Blender skate footage:

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