Ron Garrett & Jason Moore

PÄS Gallery welcomes a special guest exhibit from Zeitgeist Gallery:
a collection of INK from Jason Moore and PAINT from Ron Garrett

opening reception Friday 4 2 2010 6p –10p (Downtown Fullerton Art Walk)
The Janitors of Justice will be fighting crime with their infectious ska music 7-8p.

mid-month reception Saturday 4 • 17 • 2010 6p –10p
Snowmanfloza coming through with some live entertainment rockin raw beats and lyrics 7-8p.

on display until 4 • 30 • 2010

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Zeitgeist Gallery is a online gallery that represents modern artist.

Ron Garrett

The study of design and art has been a long-time passion. In particular, the Bauhaus and modern art are key to my thought process and help inspire my work. The thoughts and ideas to move the progression or form realism to objects are what vision and life are all about. Vision is creation, which provokes the process of creation and imagination. Life is art in all matter and form.

Jason Moore

Son to Mary Theresa Carrera, & Michael Chase Moore.  Born on August 28th, 1977 in Whittier.  Raised by his mother for the majority of his minor years.  Heavily exposed to a family in love with good music, photography, and various forms of art.  Typically unpopular growing up, as compared to popular people, but content to be unusual.  He is the father of three, husband of one, Jack of all trades, and master of none.

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