inspiration – september 2008

beat up from the feet up

time vanishes when you’re having fun. i guess that’s what happened to august. here we are at the fringe of september’s end wondering what happened to august. to recap a bit, we’ve been busy pitching presentations and preparing proposals for prospective clients. (say that 3 times real fast)

we were all over the place from the hills of orange and the beaches in newport to downtown l.a. and chicago (pdf-style)… we were happy to be awarded with some new business: the educational materials for the new GRAMMY Museum that will be opening in december and some promotional materials for opera singer, Philip Webb.

we’re excited to get started because the new work alone, is inspiring. here are our top picks for inspiration this month… and last. we hope to introduce something new.

speakup is under consideration‘s blog. an open dialog for all things graphic design.
it rawks.

designboom is moreso industrial design, but truly inspirational to us graphic folk nonetheless. check out their cut’n’paste weblog

sessions, online schools of art and design, produces this pretty rockin design-centered blog.

these guys just simply know how to make websites. whether you’re into websites, sound, blogging, freelancing… these guys have a site for you. the branding for each new site they launch is distinctive and appealing. give it a look.

taking grotesque game addiction to new heights we haven’t seen since “the sims”. we’re not sure which is more difficult – creating a universe, or trying not to lose 3 hours a day in the process.

bristol to memory
brian once ran to bristol and memory from fullerton. this band kicks.
and we love santa ana.

take a nap
here’s a great excuse to take a snooze. Napping has gained some respect — finally. please avoid calling us between 2 and 3:15pm… ;)
good thing, however, we work well into the night…