downtown fullerton art walk — no.15

an exhibit of Fullerton moms who share a passion for creative freedom.

may’s artwalk felt really good. there was a soft glow that graced the gallery making the space a comforting atmosphere. the work from these Fullerton mom’s gave a sense of appreciation and respect for a woman’s individuality. it’s really neat to see these ladies set examples for their kids with acts of creativity. each one of the artists are in the fullerton community doing something everyday to impact it one way or another. that’s pretty remarkable. here are some pics from the opening, Motherhood. Neighborhood at PÄS Gallery:

Jeni Maus

Sarah Carter

Sharon Kennedy

Kristy Prince – I am here

Kristy Prince – I am here

Renee Brown

Sarah Carter – Be Brave

Steffi Moellers, Kristy Prince, Sarah Carter

thanks to Joel at StudioEMP and Renee at Sprouts Photography for select images in this post.

and Zine Fiend (not mothers) at our neighboring Bookmachine.
Alex – | Jesse –

i would also like to recognize the things these artists are doing in fullerton:
Sarah Carter –
Sharon Kennedy –
Jeni Maus –
Renee Brown –
Christy Funk –
Kristy Prince –
10% of all sales in the gallery for may will go to this: