the dream project – Richman School

we had a great opportunity to go to Richman Elementary School and teach art in their Lunch Bunch program. kristy devised “the dream project” which had the kids think of a dream and draw it. then the idea was to take that dream and tell someone else by actually handing it over to them and having them to add to it. the kids had a hard time letting go of their dream because of the simple fact that they didn’t trust anyone else with it. it was very interesting to see how the kids reacted and how they treated someone else’s dream. more than anything, i learned that a lot of children have trust issues. art was just an avenue to see that. besides watercolor, we hope the kids learned something about each other, sharing, and working together.

we’re excited to continue working with our community whenever we can. and we’re more than happy to touch a child’s life through art. here was our Lunch Bunch project discover class:

Richman Elementary, Fullerton California.