downtown fullerton art walk — no.20

october kicked off with a feast for the senses. in addition to it being our 2-year anniversary and the Magoski Arts Colony’s 1-year, we have the privilege to host a show curated by Robots for Hire all month long. Max Neutra’s FEAST is vibrant, fun, and just outright good. his work displays a controlled chaos which baffles me every time i look into a piece. here’s a look at the opening…

Seabirds food truck. yum.

Valerie Lewis! Roxanna Mostatabi!

e Salcedo! @ Hibbleton

René Cardona!

René Cardona! @ Violethour

Violethour treats!

OC Weekly calendar page!

plus, find lots more photos at the Robots for Hire Facebook page here.

and here’s a little bit on Max’s live painting…