what type are you…

this is fun… kristy caught me doing it and she had to try, that’s why i think it’s blog-worthy. you answer 4 simple questions and Pentagram generates a typeface to fit your personality. i think i just like the guy’s accent and hand gestures. and when he says, “quickly now” if you’re taking to long to answer.

according to Pentagram, this ‘project’ was researched over seven years with a team of 23 academics across Eastern Europe, it asks the four key character questions of our day, analyzes your responses in exceptional detail and recommends one of 16 typefaces as a result.

i’m PLASTICA (1932). pretty fitting, i’d say. i would like to refer to myself as a slab serif of sorts, but i’m happy with plastica, which was designed by german typesetter and calligrapher Herbert Post. it was inspired by injection molding. defined by the embossed relief of it’s letters and the extremely negative form which extrudes feeling and ambition in a very assertive way.

kristy was Corbusier Stencil. upper case and numbers only. used by Le Corbusier to spray names onto buildings. balance. geometrical organization. spray paint obliteration. imposing over something or someone with good reason and impeccable judgment. spot on.

give it a try:
‘What Type Are You’

password = ‘character.’

source: chen wang’s blog