SEMA — on the horizon.

i’ve been going to the SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) Show for 15 years now — consecutively. in the early days, it was all fun and part of my love for custom cars and the excitement of being featured to a national audience, then it became business as i started to accumulate automotive aftermarket design work which i can attribute a lot of my beginnings to, and now it’s just an excuse to get to Vegas for a couple days.

SEMA badges

2008 SEMA is around the corner again, like it has been for so many years the first week of november, and although we currently do work for only one client (CGS Motorsports) in the show, i’ll be going simply because when the sights and smells of Fall approach, to me, the excitement of custom cars is in the air. here are some snap shots from 2007…


i enjoy finding art like this.

the latest thing was tv’s in your wheels. don’t ask.

the CGS booth. and the eight-foot POP display we designed.

we do most of their materials.


also, i recently came across some old photos from our friends Kazu Hattori and crew in Kyoto, Japan – Well Access. they represented our mark on their little race car. it can’t get much cooler than this:

well access 1

well access 2

well access 3

well access 4
those photos (circa 2004) are sure to put a smile on your face. looks like the pd logo got the good end of the deal on this crash.

those were the days (1998-2004) when the automotive aftermarket business was thriving. but also, those were the early days for primate design, and we have since matured immensely. you can see some of the old work at it’s hard for me to talk cars anymore because the words ‘bling bling’ get in the way, but i still enjoy seeing a clean custom that isn’t overboard and i always enjoy the getaway.

you can learn more about SEMA by going to or to

thanks for going back in time with me and thanks for reading,