JTB Supply Company — live.

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Icon Marketing teamed up with us to get just the right look and feel of this trade industry Web site. JTB Supply Co. is a hub for all traffic equipment needs, such as pedestrian and traffic signals. the site sheds new light on the company’s image, bringing them up-to-date with a solid, professional look justifying their ten-year growth and committed service to the industry.

we’ve enjoyed working with Icon Marketing on a few jobs this year and are grateful to have relationships like them in our industry. they are often the ones we would consult for SEO, SEM, and ADA-compliant issues. they pretty much rule all aspects of web marketing and are a very valuable resource to any company. check them out and tell ’em pd sent ya: http://www.icon-marketing.com

JTB Supply can be found here: http://www.jtbsupplyco.com/