Smack Books — Roastbeef’s Promise.

roastbeef web 1After reading Roastbeef’s Promise, there’s no way we couldn’t lend a hand to David Jerome in the launching of his new book. Roastbeef’s Promise is one of those books you can’t put down. Good thing there are chapters so you’re enabled a brief break. But Roastbeef’s adventures are hilarious and addicting.

To promote the book we made a special page on housing all information to learn about,
roastbeef web 2 and obtain the book.

You can read the first chapter online, check out the synopsis, learn about the author, find social networking links, extras, and a link to the blog in which the author releases tidbits of his rolling-on-the-floor-laughing personality [].

roastbeef web 3

in addition to setting a Web presence for Roastbeef, we designed an invitation for the book launch party that will be at the Brea Improv.

roastbeef postcard

and some promotional business cards.

roastbeef bizcard

Roastbeef’s Promise is truly a classic. we recommend giving it a read. you won’t be disappointed. it’s available on, at barnes & noble and borders.

roastbeef book

oh, and we can’t forget the bumper sticker…

roastbeef bumpersticker

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