Bits, Please continues through September

Calling All Art Collectors!

The current compilation of artists exhibiting at PÄS is astronomical.

We have bay area collage artist Justin Angelos—Today’s king of detail-exploding, multi-media, multi-faceted, high-gloss, high-style collage intricacies! Santa Ana’s Michael Ziobrowski—Cut/paste-creator, image-enhancer, mood-setting, pastel-lover, shape-composer, graphic-innovator! World-renown Ken Ruzic—Tiki-madman, devil-in-the-details, art-historian, art-futurian, prolific-storyteller! Fullerton’s own Candace Magoski—Queen of costume, objet d’art-rarity, wing-journaling, bone-collector! City of Orange’s Leanne Sargeant—Cotton-cloud, paper-clipper, paint-dipper, emotive-intensifier, royalty-of-collage! Strong Beach’s Cody Lusby—movement-capturer, time-traveller, figurative-crafter, stencil-skillset, emotion-provoker! Straight from a/the parallel universe René Cardona—Poetic-prophet, alliteration-emiter, mural-maker, abstract-assembler, trancendent-being, painter-of-fluidity! Assemblage master John M. Sollom—thick-stroke-impressionist, craftsman, tinker, fun-loving, ace-of-the-strange! Alluring Emily Heller—Wandering-soul, free-spirit, patience-producer, artistic-experiencer! and reigning from San Clemente, the—Micro-scopic, molecular-atomic, sweet-heart, art-trenpenuer, Chantal deFelice!

and there you have it, the reason why i curated this exhibit. Hope to see everyone on Friday, September 4th from 6-10 pm. This reception is the closing and encourages all art collectors to explore the works averaging a mere $250-$350… Thank you for your support.

Here is some love from beyond:
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