PÄS Gallery Q4 2012 in review…

it’s been awhile since i made a post on the PAUSE blog… so, tonight, new years eve, i will create the fourth quarter of 2012 Review! it will be like picking up where i left off before taking on my new role at found vintage rentals in september. it’s gonna be a looong post, so get ready…

let’s start with The Sophie Show!
september… Sophie Kipner!

word. a exhibition of text…
october… Featuring artists and friends of the Magoski Arts Colony. Dan Joyce. Valerie Lewis. Ricardo Gonsalves. brianprince. Kristy Prince. Jesse La Tour. Chantal deFelice. Josue Rivas. Holly Bliss. Steve Westbrook. Jessica Lah. Michael Magoski. Candace Magoski. Roxanna Mostatabi. Tisa Pickering. Corky Nepomuceno. And More.

somehow in october, the colony slipped in a grand victory with the OC Weekly… taking Best Art Gallery in Orange County for 2012… as well as regular PÄS artist John M. Sollom earning Best Visual Artist in Orange County for 2012 and Fullerton rackin up Best Theater Town in 2012! and most importantly Best Saved Mural!

Fullerton Cartonographies
november… an interactive partnership with Workshop for Community Arts (WCA) where we made covers, took pictures (#theresartinfullerton), and wrote to make Fullerton’s first Cartonography (book with cardboard cover)…

december… the expressive abstract works of PÄS Gallery’s own Kristy Prince!

and there you have it, 4th quarter 2012 in a postshell… stay tuned for 2013, starting here.