downtown fullerton art walk no.5 – beautiful…

the opening reception for Beau Les Filles fell on the fifth-ever downtown fullerton artwalk. the celebration of women hit like rain on a daisy’s pedal. it was beautiful. chills like gospel music. filling the stems of the participants. photography by Ingrid Joy with art by VeryTotemo! answering far east mysteries. Artemis Nolasco capturing episodes of life on watercolor-stained wood. June22 kept the soil turning with red vinyl. Abeni girls kept the clouds parted. so the sun could clear clouded minds. bringing awareness. questions. and fascination towards something we never think twice about. while DittoSnaps documented the night giving free souvenirs.

clearly a night celebrating women as subject, as artist, as human. empowering all to Be You.

now for the plugs:

VeryTotemo! will have it’s launch party here on Saturday July 24th! come enjoy the Harajuku Bridge exhibit (Ingrid Joy photography), Art from Alice Yi, Sherlan Abesamis and Michael Chun plus, the Takoyakianota truck will be here!

Ingrid Joy Studio – day job.

Artemis Nolasco – all style.

X is the Weapon – June22.

Abeni – girl prayed for.

DittoSnaps – photobooth.

Downtown Fullerton Art Walk – first fridays.