some things never change…

we may be changing the name. we may be adding walls. and doors. and creating funky little spaces. but one thing will never change:

our love for John M. Sollom.

it’s easy to call him our artist in residence. our go-to. our reliable friend. “sweet tooth nhoj” loves to have a good time. and it shows in his work. and when he plays.

normally, we see artists grow over the years and are always proud to be a part of their journey. but we can honestly say that john’s been here to see us grow over the years. our ups. our downs. he’s been here to support us with the biggest heart of any artist we’ve ever encountered. from construction duties. to running errands and gallery sitting tasks. from creating real honest art. to long talks during stressful times. we can always count on john to be there. oh, and when we get our heads together to throw a party… it’s the best party…

as we transition into something new on the surface, we will never forget our roots in this art-world. päs may be dead, but we aren’t. come visit us this friday and witness our construction—see us when we wake up first thing in the morning/smell our dirty laundry/watch as we change our clothes… come PLAy with us in this sandbox with no regards for staying clean or perspiration-free—and see the new works of John M. Sollom in a new space that we will temporarily refer to as The Gallery Formerly Known As PÄS (same address).

this friday, December 6, 2013 from 6-10p, during our beloved Downtown Fullerton Art Walk in the Magoski Arts Colony where you will find tons of other great work from many many artists.

because after all, we’re just a bunch of People Loving Art…

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