3 things you should know about PÄS…

hey there,
as we’re approaching our 3-year anniversary this october
i thought it would be good to let you know 3 things about us.

did you know PÄS has a blog. cool, right? we call it the PAUSE blog because that’s how you pronounce the gallery name, and that’s what we want you to do. pause. and take a look at what’s around you… and, our new intern Valerie will start posting inspiration blogs very shortly… it’s gonna be great. i also post some projects that get completed from the boys at primate design, a totally killer graphic design shop in the back office of PÄS. stay up to date at www.2PAS.org/blog.

every month we’ve been open (since October 2009) we benefit a charity organization with a percentage of the proceeds from the art sold… personally, i think that’s even cooler than our blog. it’s nice to give. it always feels better to give than to get, however, we get a lot of great artists to hang on our walls, so i’m not complaining. we normally give 10%, sometimes more, and other times we just give it ALL… if you go to our Community page www.2PAS.org/community, you can see some of the organizations we’ve partnered with, whether it being a little love from them or a little love from us, that’s our community. as a matter of fact, for september during “The Sophie Show” 10% of the art sold will benefit Corazon de Vida and Topanga Women’s Circle. groovy, eh?

even as frustrating and as difficult it is to Love People, we make it our mission. originally when i was thinking of a tag line for Project Art School (now PÄS), i wanted to say what we do. easy, right? Do Art. check. View Art. duh. Love People. sounds easy, until you really have to do it… our mission is simple in terms of words: Love People. All People. as far as action goes, it takes work. loving art, or things is easy, but people? fortunately we got nothing but time and with all the love we receive, it makes the task of loving others a little bit easier. we really do love you. even enough to tell you it’s rough.

thanks for supporting PÄS over the past 2 years and 11 months… we look forward to many more great times together.

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