Participate in Joyadays!

Joya Scholars is celebrating Joyadays to show appreciation for a great start to the 2011-2012 school year! this year the advisory board is cooking up a lot of new ideas, the mentor-student ratio is 1 on 1, and there are now a handful of students who have started college. Celebrate with us! Become a partner, or give a one time gift and have a chance to win a new iPad2. Happy Joyadays! ends Decemeber 11, 2011.

to learn more on what JOYA Scholars is doing in the Garnet Neighborhood of Fullerton, visit the Web site: while you’re there you can donate any amount and be entered into the Happy Joyadays iPad2 raffle!

thank you in advance for participating in making a large impact on this small community. your love is appreciated.

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