Welcome to Nowhereland…

Swarms of ninjas, robots, fauns, and other creatures will invade PÄS Gallery on Friday, March 4th at 6pm! The show will feature the work of Jonathan St. Amant and will include drawings, paintings, prints, sculptures, and more from the crazy, allegorical world of Nowhereland!

The Opening Reception will be held during the Downtown Fullerton First Friday Art Walk on March 4, 2011 from 6-10pm, through March 26, 2011.
It’s also the Downtown Fullerton Art Walk’s one-year anniversary.
A percentage of all art sold in March will benefit JOYA Scholars!

Jonathan St. Amant began contemplating Nowhereland in 2003 during a hiking trip down the Grand Canyon. This trip was followed by several ascents of local mountains and finally to Africa, where he ascended Mt. Kilimanjaro and went on a safari.  The seemingly limitless landscape provided Jonathan with a new aesthetic.  He became inspired by the vastness of nature unspoiled by civilization, where the constant struggle for survival creates a delicate balance of species.

Nowhereland is an allegorical world where almost nothing exists except the citizens and captives who are living out their lives exploring the landscape, relating with other tribes, and struggling to stay alive. Themes of conflict, the environment, politics, sexuality, and other topics of social commentary are carefully woven into a satirical and often humorous narrative.  The “Nowherelandians” include creatures from nature, history, mythology, and fantasy. As the characters freely move through the nearly empty landscape, they visually punctuate the ominous solitude and vast negative space.

“Man versus nature” is another prominent theme in his work, as is the idea of humans advancing to the point that they no longer feel dependent on their environment and thus take or destroy whatever suits them.  What if a dominant civilization were to expand beyond the ecological tipping point, obliterating all natural resources and creating a vast emptiness?  Nowhereland represents that possible outcome and strives to promote dialogue about those possibilities.

Jonathan St. Amant, a California artist and Fullerton resident, has been showing his work in galleries in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas for almost 10 years.  His work features cartoon ninjas, mythological figures, and a vast array of creatures which act out humorous and thought-provoking scenes of political, social, and religious commentary.

To learn more about Jonathan St. Amant, visit http://nowherelandart.blogspot.com
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