Very Totemo! launch party…

this saturday, we’re hosting the launch of VeryTotemo! an idea company that soaks up creativity, art, and social justice, and rings it out into a form of retail. come join us from 7–11p on Saturday July 24th!
o n  e x h i b i t i o n :
Harajuku Bridge
Photographer Ingrid Joy and VeryTotemo! travel to Tokyo to capture Lolita, Decora, Cosplay, and other fashion subcultures that meet every weekend on the bridge next to Harajuku Station. Over 25 photos on display.
VeryTotemo! Wearable Art
The first crop of T-shirts from designer Alice Yi and also artist Sherlan Abesamis, along with in-progress drawings of upcoming characters by Sherlan Abesamis and Michael Chun.
Food truck craze upstart Takoyakitanota will be away from it’s usual LA haunts for the VeryTotemo! party, making it their first appearance in North Orange County and serving up what no other truck in California does- Osaka style takoyaki!
Follow them on Twitter- @takoyakitanota
What is VeryTotemo! all about?
VeryTotemo! is about collaborating with photographers, artists, designers, and other media creatives to create retail ideas that also serve social justice endeavors.
Have some fun listening to Jpop, Jrock, Jhip-hop, and Jpunk. And get your takoyaki jones satisfied!
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  2. i think i am going to start saying, “That’s very totemo!” when something is cool.rad.epic.
    okay. now. i think you should do this: The Sketchbook Project like in all your free time that you have. :) i would do it…but Kristy would k-i-l-l me for taking on a project and not finishing the ONE page of her art journal of which she is coming like a thief in the night to take back!

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