Partridge in a Pear Tree (Options)

It has been a blessing to hear from you about the opening of PÄS. We have had so many well wishers and endless ideas that we are excited and encouraged to keep going.

Our first workshop on December 5th is a great start to becoming a community of people who enjoy creating together. We received some feedback in regards to it and made some changes for you to choose from.

We are now breaking the full day up into two different parts. You can come to both or chose your own adventure.
Partridge in a Pear Tree WORKSHOP #1 will be Vintage Inspired Jewelry from 11am to 12pm for $30 per person.

Or, WORKSHOP #2, Mixed Media Wall Art at 1:15pm to 3pm for $48 per person.

Or register for BOTH! In between the 2 workshops you can explore downtown Fullerton’s local shops and resturants as well as the Mercantile Flea Market in the PÄS parking lot.

Thank You to these sponsors for supporting us.

Register HERE.



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