PÄS — the logo debate and an update.

below are 4 directions i’m playing with for the Project Art School logo. it will be used in the normal stationery setting, store signage, the web, and other communication pieces. the ‘a’ version is the main logo idea and the ‘b’ is a variation. whether you’re a designer, lover, fighter, or whatever, please comment here and leave your preference with little critique.

in other news, the construction is coming along just fine. the space should be painted by wednesday. here’s what it looks like as of saturday the 12th:

come back to see the progress. and please vote for a logo direction by commenting below… thanks! :bp

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12 thoughts on “PÄS — the logo debate and an update.

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  2. I like numbers 1 and 4.

    Regarding number 1, I prefer the logo without the second wall on the right side of the logo. It’s less literal and more visually interesting (is the corner implied by the intersection of text and windowed wall receding or protruding?). The colors and type treatment on 1b are more “fun” and might appeal to your target audience, who I’m assuming from your post are art students.

    Numbed 4 is clean and simple. I guess it appeals to my modernist, Swiss school aesthetic. It may be more flexible to use than number 1 as well.

    In summary, 1b without the wall on the right or 4a.

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