PÄS — the logo and space update (2).

first off, happy autumn. i love this time of year. secondly, thank you all for responding to my logo dilemma through the blog, by email and in person. i really appreciate everyone’s feedback. the consensus is pretty clear – i chose not to limit myself so i went with the simplest of marks. this way i can modify and use the logo in multiple ways…

i’ll be able to create vibrant collateral pieces for the art store and keep it clean and streamlined for the gallery aspect of the business. as it looks right now, the space will be a gallery for a few months until i can get the merchandise squared away. we’re a couple weeks away from opening. october 10th is the big day. i’ll keep you posted…

here are some poor cell phone pics amongst the dust i’ve been creating.

i’ve come home blowin black bugars for the past fourteen days. just thought you might wanna know.

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