Michael Jackson — tribute.

i don’t need to tell anyone what happened yesterday, i just want to recognize
The King of Pop
as an influential character in my life. and not that farrah fawcet is anyone to overlook, but in the early days, i used to sport one white glove and moonwalk my way down the kitchen floor for dinner. i memorized P.Y.T. and Billie Jean and carried the Beat It attitude wherever i went.

this is how i remember MJ…
Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones
Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones (“Thriller” producer) rule the Grammys in 1984. He brought home 8 Grammys that year. (source)
earlier this year primate design was asked by The GRAMMY Museum to come up with some creative to advertise their limited-time engagement exhibiting selections from Michael Jackson’s outrageous costumes (see the post here). the exhibit was extended even after all the posters for it in the surrounding areas of L.A. Live and parking garage were stolen. dan was the artist on that poster, and today they’ve asked us to resurrect it as they still have Iconic Wardrobe Items from the Personal Collection of “The King of Pop” to display …
dan bendt michael jackson poster
and as a tribute, i wanted to share my version of the original poster and how the billie jean loafers inspired my design as i snapped my fedora …
brian prince michael jackson posters

he’s all over the news right now, but you can check out some fantastic pictures on the LIFE web site, here…

or if you wanted to actually check out his rhinestone glove and other pieces of the MJ wardrobe, visit here, in person!
MJ Grammy Museum


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