a little primate design history.

primate design was a vision of brian prince’s long before he became a graphic designer. he embraced the name primate like someone with allergies would the name Kleenex. He didn’t know what he wanted to do with his life, but he did know that primate was going to be part of it. primate clothing. primate vintage store. primate hotel. primate laundry mat. primate cafe. primate law firm… the world was wide open. it turns out his path led to graphic design and in December, 1999, brian got his business license for primate design.

first bizcard in 2000very small and humble, primate design operated from the prince family’s garage. the beginnings were very primitive to say the least. hot summers. dusty computers. the business thrived on relationships that brian had made from his personal life. mainly, the automotive aftermarket. after a couple years, he obtained clients in the health care and high-tech industries.

shortly thereafter, primate design moved to a real studio space in fullerton, california in order to take on a more professional challenge. after meeting dan bendt some time in 2002, brian asked him to board the promising primate ship. they became a team and were completing projects for many local businesses, this time, expanding into the carpentry and music industries, while maintaining a high volume of automotive and medical projects.

chapman studio 2

it was 2004 when they decided to rebrand the company to attract a broader client base. primate design became pd creative. new look. new name. refreshed mindset. but unfortunately, no more business. after a few years of working together, 2005 marked a time to venture off to different jobs in order to survive. brian and dan continued to freelance while they worked 9-5’s (i mean 9-9’s) and kept in contact.

now, 2008, marks a time of realization. a time of maturity. a time to get back to their passion. primate design is alive again. and loving more than ever. pd is getting back to basics and running this business like it should be ran — with personal relationships. primate design is back to the small, humble beginning that never forgot what was most important — the client’s image.

we invite you to join us as we continue to come clean and rebuild primate design, providing our clients the best possible service through innovative design.

please visit this blog frequently as we’ll be updating it with the projects in our world and the inspiration we stumble upon.

welcome to the new primate design blog (version 0.1). it was set to launch July 1st. looks like we’re early.

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With an ideal blend of creative juice, meticulous production, and a down-to-earth personality, brian prince lends a unique character to managing his design studio.

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