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we wrapped up Solidarity’s new brochure and Web site just before their annual banquet on April 2nd.

Solidarity is re-imagining a Christ-centered culture. helping churches and people get deeper with Jesus. in addition to the Web site we designed an 8-page step-brochure that set the tone for the Web site. the look consists of tan textured background to add a real tactile feel, as opposed to a perfectly clean white background. there are imperfections in the texture with multiple images of the work they do in the neighborhoods of Fullerton and beyond. the color palette comes from the images taken of the kids in the Garnet neighborhood. they are warm and rich with diversity. the Web is WordPress-based for easy client-end updates and is tied into their other social media sites like Aweber, Facebook and Twitter. overall, we are proud of the Solidarity materials.

check it out for reals at

Art Direction/Design – brianprince

Art Direction/Design – brianprince
Infrastructure/Programming – Jeff Steinwand