Partridge in a Pear Tree brings community

PÄS loves community. We wanted to bring in some great vendors for our “Partridge in a Pear Tree” event that would help our small tribe of participants shop in a new light this holiday season…

We received some great giveaways and exclusive discount offers from some really great indie artists and local stores who believe in this spirit of community. I hope you will take time to visit their shops! They are vibrant. decadent. cute. vintage. lovely!

There is still some time to join our workshop! Register Now. November 20th is D-Day!

Salvage Life.


A fresh approach to yesterday’s fashions, this shop’s clothing and jewelry designs are not only the hippest color of going green, but they are so chic. Beth does an impeccable job at selecting and repurposing all things vintage.

Amy Hanna.



Wow. If I could simply be her bag lady on a vintage treasure escapade, I would be in heaven. She is a pure genius and her jewelry is nothing short of exquisite. Seriously. Her new book, “Rejuvenated Jewels” will be part of our raffle giveaways.

Gilding the Lily.


This gorgeous shop is just around the corner from PÄS and is filled with more treasures than you can possibly imagine…vintage laces and ribbons, beads and all the trimmings for an exquisite project.

Oh, Hello Friend.

An artist whose love for her work and keen eye for design shines through in big way. Her necklaces, charms and pins are just lovely and make me smile.

Paper Pastries.


I never thought I would describe paper as YUM…but YUM-O! Everything in this cute shop of stationary, signage, bookplates and more are adorably whimsical.

Hearts and Laserbeams.


Sooo engaging and witty this one! The artwork and wide range of products is vibrant, colorful and, at times, just makes you want to laugh at loud.

Adorned. 115 S. Harbor in Downtown Fullerton, SOCO District


Nestled in the garden courtyard across from PÄS is this shop to INDULGE YOUR INDIVIDUALISM! Adorned boutique specializes in artful apparel, handmade jewelry, accessories and vintage & handmade gifts. Imagine handmade, imports, funky fresh, vintage all at your fingertips!

A wonderful THANK YOU for the vendors who will make our participants shine a little brighter at our workshop!