the PAGE at Chapman University

the PAGE
is a must-see show if you love books arts. it’s in the Guggenheim Gallery on the Chapman campus and is curated by Rachelle W. Chuang (a PÄS workshop facilitator) and Karin Lanzoni.  the show is unique in that it allows you to sit on some really cool designed furniture and thumb through the books. there is also a spread of each book on the wall in “fine-art” fashion. the show is just superb! i took our boys and they loved the seating area.

“The artists’ book is a little known form-genre in which the artist presents his or her ideas in the form of a book. For this survey exhibition, thirty artists from a broad range of studio art practices were asked to submit one page (in the original or poster format) from their artists’ book to mount on the walls of the gallery.  Guest curators Rachelle W. Chuang and Karin Lanzoni selected these artists—painters, photographers,sculptors, graphic designers, printers, performance artists, and book artists—each employing distinctive artistic strategies and techniques.”

the PAGE runs February 1-March 12
Guggenheim Gallery Hours
Monday-Friday 12-5pm, Saturday 11am-4pm

Also, be sure to go upstairs to the Project Room to see some student work:
Guggenheim Gallery Project Room
Monday-Friday 12-5pm, Saturday 11am-4pm

The olympic-design-geek that i am, i fell in love and became envious of this project. the students had a visit to london and each designed their own book. fantastic!