Raymond Family Art Night 2014

For the 4th time, we put on an Art Night at Raymond Elementary School in Fullerton, and for the 4th time, it was a blast! there were multiple stations where hundreds of students and their parents and siblings visit and try a new art medium. the evening is organized by Neighborhood’s own Kristy Prince and the Raymond PTA. the stations were Zines with Jesse La Tour, Draw an Optical Illusion with Chuck Oldfield and Noah Prince, DIY Valentine’s with Lauren Moses Oldfield and Amy Cardona, Character Drawing with Jon St. Amant, Clay Molding with Brian Prince, Paint with René Cardona, Wood Design with Brandon Monkwood Muñoz, Crazy Hair Portraits with Paul and Leanne Sargeant, Printmaking with Anna Hansen, and Animal Eyes with All the Arts for All the Kids. Josué Rivas shot some photos of the night…



photo 5

photo 4

photo 3

photo 2

photo 1

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july at the magoski arts colony

every first friday of the month brings the downtown fullerton art walk, where multiple venues open up from 6-10p and feature local artists… at the magoski arts colony, it’s really one of the only days that we are open to the public. other than first friday, we usually have closing receptions, hibbleton is currently hosting a summer film festival, and we get together for the occasional party. july’s art walk was the result of a collective, yet diverse, environment… hibbleton and bookmachine played host to “Create Now A Tribute to Alan Watts,” a magnificent display curated by roxanna mostatabi and josue rivas, chantal defelice and jason phillips projected their living things in the experimental film room, in PÄS we featured “Betterwill,” an exhibition of upcycled goods, the brand new egan gallery featured excellent works of fullerton college tranferring students, violethour displayed photography of temples from across the planet, patrick cooked up the goods in the kitch, and brandon monk munoz hosted the open house for his new studio called Monkwood… the evening was filled with smiles and laughter as the crowds gathered under a 3,500 paper crane and boat installation from Anna Hansen which stretched the common hallway 200 feet down the center of the Magoski Arts Colony…

have a look at some photographs from friday, july 5, 2013:
Tribute to Alan Watts


Fullerton College Transfer Exhibition


Throughout the rest of the Colony

can it get any better? of course.
keep an eye on these characters: magoski.typepad.com

Microstars — opening reception

April’s art walk was another fun adventure… Dan Joyce is always a up for a good time. his stories are light, his thoughts are heavy, he’s experienced more than your average 47 year old, and he’s on display at PÄS for only one more week! below are some snap shots from his opening reception during the Downtown Fullerton Art Walk:

And to our pleasant surprise, Ed Templeton showed up for Ted Trager’s zine show in Bookmachine!

If you missed the opening, the gallery will be open this thursday, april 18 from 1-5pm, and we will have a closing reception saturday evening, april 20th at 7pm. hope to see you!

PÄS Gallery Q4 2012 in review…

it’s been awhile since i made a post on the PAUSE blog… so, tonight, new years eve, i will create the fourth quarter of 2012 Review! it will be like picking up where i left off before taking on my new role at found vintage rentals in september. it’s gonna be a looong post, so get ready…

let’s start with The Sophie Show!
september… Sophie Kipner!

word. a exhibition of text…
october… Featuring artists and friends of the Magoski Arts Colony. Dan Joyce. Valerie Lewis. Ricardo Gonsalves. brianprince. Kristy Prince. Jesse La Tour. Chantal deFelice. Josue Rivas. Holly Bliss. Steve Westbrook. Jessica Lah. Michael Magoski. Candace Magoski. Roxanna Mostatabi. Tisa Pickering. Corky Nepomuceno. And More.

somehow in october, the colony slipped in a grand victory with the OC Weekly… taking Best Art Gallery in Orange County for 2012… as well as regular PÄS artist John M. Sollom earning Best Visual Artist in Orange County for 2012 and Fullerton rackin up Best Theater Town in 2012! and most importantly Best Saved Mural!

Fullerton Cartonographies
november… an interactive partnership with Workshop for Community Arts (WCA) where we made covers, took pictures (#theresartinfullerton), and wrote to make Fullerton’s first Cartonography (book with cardboard cover)…

december… the expressive abstract works of PÄS Gallery’s own Kristy Prince!

and there you have it, 4th quarter 2012 in a postshell… stay tuned for 2013, starting here.