downtown fullerton art walk – no.8

PÄS Gallery rang in our one-year anniversary with a bang. thank you to everyone who came out to support our new space at 223 W. Santa Fe Ave. our new neighbors Hibbleton and Violethour are really special. we couldn’t have asked for a better turnout and vibe than we had on friday, october first. after a few weeks of renovating the space, i believe the warehouse came out exceptionally well. it’s still a work in progress, but it even wow’d us on opening night. i’ll create a separate post displaying pics of the renovation, before and afters, etc…

we made it through year One and in honor of that, we displayed a piece from almost every show in the past twelve months. of the sampler there was: jesse gaona. john sollom. christie yuri noh. ito. ron garrett. jason moore. ingrid joy. verytotemo!. artemis nolasco. and additionally, we had the opportunity to feature the Steampunk work from Cliff Cramp. it was so fresh. and our resident photo booth extraordinaire – DittoSnaps came through with a carnival-themed booth for the occassion. our neighbors also had great shows and music as well. becky holt. rory cloud.

you should really make an appointment to come in a see the new space if you missed it last friday. here are a bunch of shots from the show:

photo credits: Hiron Ju, Cliff Cramp, Rick Tamashiro, Michael Magoski (last 2).