SOLFUL — summer program in fullerton

we are jazzed to be a part of the SOLFUL program happening right now in a few Fullerton neighborhoods! kristy and i, as well as many many awesome people from epic, are having fun in the Richman Community. we are involved with the arts/education. i love working with kids on an ongoing basis because i learn so much from every kid. and from every experience…

in the Richman Community, we are learning about the 7 continents. most of the facts we’re learning are even new to me. bonus!

Summer of Love Fullerton (SOLFUL) is taking place in three neighborhoods in fullerton [Garnet Community (Placentia Ave. & Garnet Ln.), Maple Community (Lemon Ave. & Valencia Ave.), and Richman Community (Valencia Ave. & Highland Ave.)] where california budget cuts have forced the closure of summer school and given thousands of children nowhere to go. for 7 weeks (june 22nd – august 6th, 2010) we seek the welfare of the city and it’s people by engaging the children of fullerton through exciting and fun programs centered in art, sports and education.

the program is made possible by tons of volunteers, Fullerton ACT and Fullerton Collaborative.

this is another way PÄS | project art school is fulfilling it’s mission: Do Art. View Art. Love People.

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