downtown fullerton art walk – no.10

the fish survived the night.

NineTenths: perspectives on petroleum stirred up a few emotions on friday, december 3rd. and i think we’re all just fine with that. it’s good for our souls to believe in something. it’s too often that i catch myself limp in the wind over issues and before i know it, any real feelings are gone with time, and i’m blowing again in another wind. perhaps the fish tank with ten live fish swimming beneath a quarter-inch layer of oil resting upon their home concerned gallery patrons. maybe it’s the fact that no one could really complain too much about oil consumption because we’re all guilty. we currently have six great artists’ perspectives on petroleum/environmental issues on display: Bill Cole, Arony Coronado, Brian Littler, myself, the infamous John “Nhoj” Sollom, and William Zdan. Each provoking some sense…

our neighbors had groundbreaking shows, Hibbleton’s Eye of the LA Punk Scene: work of Edward Colver and Violethour’s various artists including Pxl Ated.

Happy Holidays Fullerton.

NineTenths: perspectives on petroleum

Come witness PÄS Gallery round off 2010 as it turns into Crude Gallery for the December 3rd Art Walk this Friday from 6-10pm in a show called NineTenths: perspectives on petroleum. Featuring the work of Bill Cole, Arony Coronado, Brian Littler, Brian Prince, John Sollom and William Zdan.

enjoy the works on display, calculate your own carbon footprint and dwell on the fact that saving this earth cannot be down single-handedly.

also, our Magoski Arts Colony neighbors have spectacular shows lined up for this friday. Hibbleton presents: The Eye of The LA Punk Scene, the work of legendary punk photographer Edward Colver! and Violethour Studio presents a plethora of fine art from: Valerie Lewis- Mixed Media, Pxl Ated- Collage Artist, Kenneth McLendon- Wire Bender Extraordinaire, Roxanna Mostatabi- Water Color, Lauren Gallegos- Illustration, fine art, Heather Soodak- Illustration, Childrens Art, Michael Magoski- Photography, Candace Magoski- finding her Niche , and David Kurtz- Guitar.

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hope to see you out here friday night!