fullerton has heart

if you were planning to come to PÄS for the artwalk this friday, plan again. we’ll be closed and loving fullerton with All the Arts for All the Kids. they’re planning to have the giant hearts on display this thursday at the farmer’s market (9/2) and installed specifically around downtown on friday for the Art Walk (9/3). come join us at the Fullerton Museum Center to celebrate the hearts!

we’ve been waiting for this day since may.

All the Hearts for All the Kids unites joyful creativity and supportive community involvement to help keep arts education programs alive in the Fullerton School District.

Unique giant hearts will be on display throughout Fullerton from September 3rd through October 30th. These spectacular hearts will be available for purchase either online (www.allthearts.org) or in a live auction at the annual “Pins, Pots and Possibilities” Auction on October 30, 2010.

progress on jon st. amant's heart
paul nelson in progress
katherine england hauling around hearts

This project is sponsored by the R.C. Baker Foundation, St. Paul’s Academy of the Performing Arts, and the Rotary Club of Fullerton. Featured artists include: Kaleeka Bond, Bobbi Boyd, Katherine England, Rebecca Faubion, Jesse Gaona, Kevin Holden, Marsha Judd, Don Lagerberg, Jose Lozano, Denise Marshall, Steve Metzger, Paul Nelson, Carolin Peters, Kay K Robinson, Jonathan St. Amant, Laurel Sternberg, and Brian Torres.

Jesse Gaona's front side of heart

All proceeds will be used to help support the “All the Arts for All the Kids” program and the elementary instrumental music program. Each year, in partnership with the Fullerton school District, the All the Arts for All the Kids Foundation provides funding for literally thousands “All the Arts for All the Kids” lessons in art, music, dance and theatre. These lessons reach every kindergarten through sixth grade child at the seventeen schools with innovative curriculum-based experiences conducted by professional artists and credentialed instructors. The Foundation also makes sure that lessons and an instrument are available without cost to every fifth and sixth grade child who yearns to become a budding young musician.

For more information, please call 714.447.7484 or visit their website at www.allthearts.org

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oh, and just because PÄS will be closed it doesn’t mean Hands Across Harbor will pause… wherever you are in downtown fullerton at 7:30p on friday 9/3, walk outside and hold a stranger’s hand. just tell them you’re in love with fullerton. HANDS ACROSS HARBOR (like on facebook).  we’ll be at the Fullerton Museum if you want to link up…