downtown fullerton art walk – no.6

The CAVE reception was held during the sixth month anniversary of the downtown fullerton art walk. we had such a great response to the art that was produced in the workshops over the summer. i think the kids did an awesome job and were able to break down a barrier most galleries assumingly build. displaying kids work can be presented in a way where it is made important and is empowering. i believe that is what The CAVE accomplished. have a look into the night of the opening reception…

The CAVE was a hit. everything from the interactive activities to the art to the ditto snap souvenier.
thanks to all who made the night a memorable one:
DittoSnaps Photo Booth: always the life of the party.
Frati Gelato Cart: proceeds from gelato sold went to support project art school.
Becky Holt: improvisation on noah’s lyrics. priceless.

and an extra special thanks to all the kids of the summer workshops at project art school. you made it happen!