Hibbleton and Weavver in July

i’d like to take some time out to post a few pics from neighboring galleries. these are from the july shows at Hibbleton and Weavver:

The T-Shirt Show

Above Middle: my H1N1 t-shirt design

Above: my short poem t-shirt, Teenager

Above: a t-shirt that i bought! isn’t it fresh?


Weavver hosted the art work of Matt Salhus: One of One:

and there you have it. come to fullerton and enjoy art…


just in…
a not so positive. but not necessarily a bashing article in the OC Weekly that came out today on the T-Shirt Show. Apparently Dave Barton, the art columnist, wanted to see more ‘against the grain,’ ‘punk-minded’ t-shirts with a more focused theme than just a call for t-shirts show. i believe the curators ideals had to do with Art for the Masses. i’m not sure it could have been curated any better because of the simple fact that they’re t-shirts. individual expressions of the artists who made them – worn by people who agree with the statement. i might not have worn all the t-shirts in the show, but i don’t discredit the show. i actually bought one from Ryan Ward that seems very passive (“Surfer on a blue shirt, repeated until it looks like he’s being wiped out by his own image…” -Barton) and it suits my tastes. anyhow, praise or malevolence, my shirt was the poster child for the article and fortunately Barton spoke good things about it: