downtown fullerton art walk — no.17

neil blender art

summer kicked off with a “Walt!” and it was nothing short of super fresh… it’s lighter later, hot as ________, and a great time to get out to downtown fullerton to buy art. it’s the perfect time to collect! we can feel it right now …especially in this stage of our current cycle of the astrological age…

this show is all about the artists. current legends up on the walls simul’taneously has created an explosion of a show. “Walt!”

neil blender art
neil blender art
^Neil Blender, Walt, Acrylic on Canvas, SOLD

neil blender art
^Anthony Bach, Variety, House Paint on Wood, SOLD OUT

neil blender art
^John M. Sollom, Apollo, Assemblage/Oil Paintings, SOLD

neil blender art
^John M. Sollom, 1964 Ford, Assemblage/Oil Paintings, $600

neil blender art
^Neil Blender, (L) Squirrel, Print on Cotton, $80, (R) Third Profile, Print on Board, $120

neil blender art
^Neil Blender, Orange Cat, Acrylic on Canvas, SOLD

neil blender art
^Anthony Bach, Untitled, Collage, House Paint/Graphite, $220

neil blender art
^(L) Anthony Bach, Lose Weight, SOLD, (R) Christie Yuri Noh, Pakiio, Ink/Graphite/House Paint, $600

neil blender art
^Christie Yuri Noh, (L) The State Formerly Known as Mexico, $300, (C) Various Works, $30-$100, (R) Cut, $300

neil blender art
^Neil Blender, At The Dump, SOLD

neil blender art
^Neil Blender, Just Another Dream, Acrylic on Canvas, $400

neil blender art
^John M. Sollom, (L) Ballin!, Oil on Board, SOLD, (R) Ouch, Oil on Board, $150

neil blender art
^John M. Sollom, (L) Ost Dog, Oil on Board, $150, (R) Ocaso, Oil on Board, $150

neil blender art
^John M. Sollom, (L) Fro, Oil on Board, $150, (R) Blower 2, Oil on Board, $150

neil blender art
^Neil Blender, (L) Viewing Molecules, Acrylic on Canvas, $300, (R) Descending Cat, Ink on Paper, $250

neil blender art
neil blender art
^Neil Blender, (L) Jordan Farmer, Paint on Acetate, $150, (R) Seen in TJ, Paint on Acetate/Felt, $400

neil blender art
^Sal shows off old skool Blender Tattoo with Neil.

neil blender art
neil blender art

thanks to all the artists who made the night great.

Walt! an art exhibit, coming soon to PÄS…

we all love tacos.

WALT! an art exhibit, PÄS Gallery’s show for July, will feature, other than heaps of fun, the works of Neil Blender, John M. Sollom, Christie Yuri Noh and Anthony Bach.

it’s all in the name(s).

get your art fix this summer and come out to PÄS for the opening on Friday, July 1st during the Downtown Fullerton Art Walk and enjoy yourself. It’s about time, dontcha think? On exhibit until July 31, 2011.

here’s a little link to a lot of blender:
find more sollom here:
and phony tony:

rsvp on facebook here:

in addition to this all-star line-up, our neighbors, Hibbleton, will be featuring the works of Shag, Leyla Akdogan, Jennie Cotterill, Michael White, JoshR, Christie Yuri Noh, Patrick Haemmerlein, and Jesse La Tour, curated by Tracey Taylor.

heaps of fun. see. i told ya.

Raymond Family Art Night 2011

the second annual Raymond Family Art Night took place on thurday, january 27th, 2011 and it was another hit… the evening was filled with creativity from all the students and their families of Raymond School. thanks to all the volunteers who made it happen, to Raymond School for allowing us to come in and to all the families who participated!

Many fullerton artists, and teachers came to help out! Facilitated by Kristy Prince, PÄS Gallery owner; Collage with Christie Yuri Noh, local Artist and Angela Joo, Raymond Teacher; Zines with Brian Lucett, Educator and Jesse La Tour, Hibbleton Gallery owner; Shape Drawing with Henry Lee, Epic Church; Dr. Seuss with Andy Anderson, local Artist; Watercolor Paint with Lauren Moses, Educator and Ali Killian, local Artist; Watercolor Pencil with Landon Lewis and Chuck Oldfield, Hibbleton Gallery owners; Clay with Brian Prince, PÄS Gallery owner and John Sollom, local Artist; Origami with John Keller, local Artist/Mad Scientist.
enjoy the pictures of the fun and free-spirited evening: (pictures by Chuck Oldfield)

to see the post from the first Raymond Art Night (2010), click here.

we’re already looking forward to the 2012 Raymond Art Night!

here’s an article in the Fullerton Observer Mid-February 2011 issue, page 5:

downtown fullerton art walk – no.11

well, january’s art walk was everything it was expected to be… freakin awesome. it was fun for the whole family, and more… walking into an art experience is much different than walking in to experience art. last friday, january 7th, PÄS Gallery was transformed by reflections and installations of light which we have never experienced before. Shine Jackson and his crew brought it on to the fullest.

Amongst the lighting, My Parasol created the audio ambiance with back up Ryo of She’s Electric… in addition to the sights and sounds, there was an interactive Light Painting booth where you entered and Ty would ask, “how long do you want, 5, 10, or 20 seconds?” then he would open his camera’s exposure and capture your dance. a night to never forget.

“burnt out” -Shine Jackson

“under pressure” -Jesse Gaona

“you are doing a great job” -lamp by Jesse La Tour
“walking light” -shoes by Noah Prince

My Parasol

and that’s not it! as usual, our neighbors came out on the forefront of art in orange county. Violethour and Hibbleton make for an awesome art experience. here’s a few shots from Hibbleton’s show, Non Sequitur, curated by Christie Yuri Noh:

and to round off an awesome night, Chicken or Fish absolutely killed it. (yes, they’re that good!).

Light – an installation from Sean Jackson

our new year will start off with a shattering of senses… on friday, january 7th, PÄS Gallery will be transformed by light. sean jackson will use abstract reflective surfaces, projections, and light to bring the viewer into an experience guaranteed to trigger the senses. along with the visuals, we’ll have a live performance from My Parasol! it all goes down from 6-10 during january’s first friday downtown fullerton art walk.

Born a creative soul, Sean Jackson has bounced from artistic outlets of photography to chef and in between always drawing, writing, painting, or constructing. Sean has worked in the event business designing some of the world’s most extravagant weddings, galas, product launches and functions. This arena has opened the door to his day job, lighting design for events. Bringing his ideas of how lighting is typically done and shattering it for this one month installation. “Not my typical work,” he says. “Normally, I have strict parameters of what beauty and interest are to a certain market, I wanted to work outside of that.”

Reflections and non-conformity mixed with media of all types make for a interesting visual. Some recognizable and some confusing.

RSVP on facebook ://here.

also, Hibbleton will be hosting fantasticness in a show called Non Sequitur, featuring Christie Yuri Noh!