PÄS Gallery turns one…

hello friends,
thank you for supporting PÄS. can you believe we’ve been open for ONE YEAR now? seems like Time and Usain Bolt have been hanging out.

as we continue to discover who we are, we are reminded of the mission we set since the beginning: Do Art. View Art. Love People. i feel we have stuck to our guns thus far. our workshops are slowly catching on, the gallery has received great response and the relationships we’ve formed since opening are irreplaceable. just being a part of the downtown fullerton art walk alone has been such a privilege. friendships like joel and jeni at Studio EMP and Found, mike and candace at Violethour, the Hibbleton guys and mitch at Weavver just to name a few, have been instrumental in us feeling “at home” in downtown fullerton.

after taking a september sabbatical, we are coming back in October completely recharged. A new workshop schedule is up and evolving quickly as we speak with a few new interested art teachers to offer more classes (in the Harbor location) and the PÄS Gallery is separating itself from the fun and messy workshops by opening a dedicated space down the street (223 W. Santa Fe Ave.). PÄS Gallery has moved locations, sharing a warehouse space with Hibbleton Gallery nextdoor to Violethour Studio, and will open this coming art walk, Friday, October 1st!

please come out to see our new space and celebrate our one-year anniversary! on display will be works from the artists of the last twelve months plus a special guest appearance from Cliff Cramp and his Steampunk work. it’s gonna be great.

you can rsvp on facebook. only if you want to though.

the space is still a work in progress as we develop the warehouse into an arts colony (the Magoski Arts Colony) but we want you to be there as we open the doors to a new breath of art in downtown fullerton.

love always,

1+714 871 2PAS (2727) – SHOP
1+714 336 6170 – CELL
PÄS | project art school – 115 S. Harbor Blvd.
PÄS Gallery – 223 W. Santa Fe Ave.
both in the SOCO District, Downtown Fullerton, 92832

PS. we are sure glad that making money wasn’t a part of our initial mission, because that is exactly what we aren’t doing. if you are interested or know someone who is interested in renting art studio space, please let me know. primate design would like some friends to move in. :)