Raymond Family Art Night 2014

For the 4th time, we put on an Art Night at Raymond Elementary School in Fullerton, and for the 4th time, it was a blast! there were multiple stations where hundreds of students and their parents and siblings visit and try a new art medium. the evening is organized by Neighborhood’s own Kristy Prince and the Raymond PTA. the stations were Zines with Jesse La Tour, Draw an Optical Illusion with Chuck Oldfield and Noah Prince, DIY Valentine’s with Lauren Moses Oldfield and Amy Cardona, Character Drawing with Jon St. Amant, Clay Molding with Brian Prince, Paint with René Cardona, Wood Design with Brandon Monkwood Muñoz, Crazy Hair Portraits with Paul and Leanne Sargeant, Printmaking with Anna Hansen, and Animal Eyes with All the Arts for All the Kids. Josué Rivas shot some photos of the night…



photo 5

photo 4

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